Martin Doyle’s Role In Becoming Jane

If you read the previous post, you will be aware that Martin Doyle spent a couple of weeks visiting friends (and making more) in Christchurch, New Zealand, over the 2014 Christmas period. On arrival Martin was quite ill with a heavy cold that he had caught in Clare the day before he left, which incubated very nicely during the 36 hours of air travel he had to endure to reach the far side of the world.

It is a matter of fact that bugs also like to travel and so it came to pass that Martin’s Kiwi friend and host Shardul caught a downgraded, second-hand, left-over version of the vicious and virulent virus. Life went on like this for a few short (and sometimes long) days and while the two were in convalescence mode one night, it was decided that a good movie would help clear the head-fog. The conversation revolving around which movie to watch went something like this…

Shardul: “Hey Martin, can you recommend a movie? I think we need to zone out for an hour or two.”

Martin: “Have a look at Becoming Jane.”

S: “Never heard of it. Is it any good?”

M: “Of course it’s good – I’m in it!

S: “You’re in a movie?!?

M: “Sure am man! Do you remember the photograph that I sent you a few years ago where I was dressed in classical period clothing and a wig?”

S: “Oh yeah – is that what that was all about! I recall you were quite secretive about it at the time.”

M: “That was because the film was still being shot when I sent you the photo.”

So it turns out that Martin had landed a small (but very important) role as a musician in Becoming Jane – a movie about the young ‘pre-fame’ English novelist Jane Austen (as portrayed by Anne Hathaway). Martin’s role was that of a flute player in a group of chamber musicians performing music at a large country house gathering.

So now that the proverbial cat is out of the proverbial bag, here is a look at that photograph…

Martin Doyle dressed up for his role in the movie Becoming Jane

Martin Doyle dressed up for his role in the movie Becoming Jane

Classic, right? Here is a screen shot of that ‘magic moment’ in the film.

Martin Doyle in Becoming Jane

A screenshot from Becoming Jane – Martin Doyle is seated at top far right playing the flute.

And for those who wish to see it for themselves, visit this YouTube video clip – the magic moment occurs at 1:19. 🙂

Martin Doyle has had more than one involvement in movies and movie making. He grew up in Bray, County Wicklow, which has been home to the television and film production company Ardmore Studios since 1958. As a young man, Martin was involved in set work for the production of The Lion of Winter at Ardmore Studios in 1968. He also worked at a local tavern at the time and has some wonderful anecdotes revolving around the antics of one Peter O’Toole who stared opposite Katharine Hepburn in that movie. But that’s another story…

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