Martin Doyle In Recovery Mode

In a previous post, we gave notice that Martin Doyle was going to be unavailable for a few weeks due to having to go to hospital for an operation. Martin has now had that operation (August 07, 2018) and it was a biggie – a quadruple bypass open heart surgery.

We are happy to announce that the operation went very well and Martin is now in recovery mode. What is remarkable is the rate of his recovery – something that the nursing staff have been commenting on quite a bit. He was in CVICU for 24 hours and within a few short hours of being sent from there to the recovery ward, Martin’s daughter Aoife recorded the following short video of Martin sitting up in his hospital bed playing a tune on his whistle! His comment, “It was good to play the whistle as the music is so healing.”

It just goes to show that you can’t keep a good man down!

We will post another update as time passes. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and messages of goodwill for Martin’s wellbeing. This heartfelt support has been really helpful and is much appreciated by Martin, his family and close friends.

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4 thoughts on “Martin Doyle In Recovery Mode

  1. Ambarish Keenan

    Hi Martin, Great to see you back in action, I wish you all the best with post op and that you will be back in fine fettle very soon, take care and see you soon, Ambarish.
    Sri Chinmoy Centre, Dublin.

  2. Andrew Lyon

    Hello there

    Just finding out you have been unwell and had pretty major surgery. Wishing you all the best for a full and quick recovery. I will be sure to play a tune for you at our session tonight



  3. Andrew

    Thanks Martin,

    If it was any better [a just purchased flute – ed.], I wouldnt be able to stand it!

    Best wishes


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