Martin Doyle Flutes Martin Doyle Martin Doyle Flutes The countryside in County Clare Martin Doyle wins RDS National Craft Award Cocus wood nine key D flute Some of the people who play Martin Doyle flutes Martin Doyle in Tanzania Baroque Flutes by Martin Doyle Musician's playing Martin Doyle Flutes Final stages: Martin Doyle tunes and tests a D flute made from African Blackwood Wooden headjoint made of cocus wood
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    Flute Prices

    The variations and pricing of Martin Doyle's flutes.

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    Wooden Headjoints

    Martin Doyle's thin-wall wooden headjoints for concert flutes.

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    Baroque Flutes

    Martin Doyle's Baroque flutes are based on an 18th century Rottenburgh design.

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    View photographs of Martin Doyle's flutes and activities on Flickr.

Welcome to Martin Doyle Flutes

Martin Doyle Flutes – 30th Anniversary – 1983—20013

Since 1983 Martin Doyle has been producing high quality simple system wooden flutes (commonly known as Irish flutes) that are used predominantly in Irish traditional music. Martin Doyle's flutes, both with and without tuning slides and keys, have become renowned for their ease of playing and quality of tone. Martin Doyle also crafts wooden baroque flutes that are based on an eighteenth century Rottenburgh design and wooden headjoints for concert flutes.

About Martin Doyle

Martin Doyle

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Martin Doyle grew up in the seaside town of Bray in County Wicklow. One of four children in a family with music in their blood, Martin was influenced and inspired by his mothers melodious singing from a very early age – learning songs that have stayed with him to this day. In his own words, "My first introduction to instrument making was as a young child. My father would make whistles from the bark of the sycamore tree. My grandmother, who was a melodeon player, used to visit us on Fridays and we would play and swap tunes." More »


Martin Doyle Flutes

Martin Doyle makes two distinct styles of wooden Irish flute – a Celtic style flute and a Traditional style flute. The basic models are keyless and tuning slides and keys are added according to the needs of the individual. Martin Doyle also crafts Baroque flutes based on an eighteenth century Rottenburgh design. Martin Doyle flutes are made from the best hardwoods available: African blackwood, cocus (rare now), boxwood and rosewood. Special order flutes are also available in native Irish and European timbers. More »


Ronan Browne

"The unlined timber head-joint with no metal tuning slide gives the flute a dynamic range which I have only ever experienced on all-timber Rudall & Rose flutes. I find that this flute allows huge possibilities for expression when playing both rhythmic dance music and slow airs." – Ronan Browne.
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Craftsmanship Awards

RDS California Gold Medal

Martin Doyle has submitted his flutes to three craft competitions over the years and has received awards on each occasion. His flutes won the Crafts Council of Ireland Medal in 1985, the prestigious RDS California Gold Medal (overall winner) in 1993 and first prize in the 'Musical Instruments' category of the 2011 RDS National Crafts Competition.