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Nick Hand with his trusty cycle.

Nick Hand with his trusty cycle.

A leisurely bicycle tour around the coasts of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland – what better way to see the sights, get a feel for the land and meet the locals! Many have done it but Bristolian Nick Hand has taken the process a couple of steps further. He is interviewing and photographing inspiring people that he meets during his travels and creating soundslides which he posts on his aptly named website, Slowcoast.

In his own words Nick is “…talking to the artisans that I meet, people who have a passion and have developed and honed a skill.” The result is a very inspiring library of soundslides that cover a wide range of people, lifestyles and landscapes. During his travels Nick is also raising money for the Parkinson’s Disease Society through sponsorship.

Martin Doyle soundslide on Slowcoast.

Martin Doyle soundslide on Slowcoast.

On his way through County Clare a couple of weeks ago, Nick made a little detour away from the coastal road to visit and interview Martin Doyle. He caught Martin on a busy day as the Irish flute player Garry Shannon was in Martin’s workshop and people were coming and going. All that aside, Nick managed to get a load of photos and capture a nice interview at the same time – the results of which can be seen here: Martin Doyle, hand-crafted flutes.

Thanks Nick – your soundslides are unique and a real treat! We can only hope that your cyclic peregrinations may extend beyond the coastlines of the UK and Ireland in future years…


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