The keys on Martin Doyle's keyed flutes are block mounted on the same style of body as his traditional flutes – tapered with traditional straight lines (see images below).


  • The bore is tapered.
  • Martin Doyle's keyed flutes are made to order with either three, four, five, six, eight or nine keys.
  • All ferrules, keys and tuning slides are made from sterling silver and are hand-crafted by Martin Doyle in his workshop.

Keyed Flute Prices

  • For flutes requiring three, four, five and six keys: add € 375.00 (inc VAT) per key.
    Six key flutes (or any flute needing an E-flat key) require a foot joint which will cost an additional € 205.00 (inc VAT).

Adjustable Screw Corks for Headjoints

As an optional extra, Martin Doyle can add adjustable screw corks (that allow the pitch of the flute to be adjusted) to the headjoints of his keyed flutes and wooden headjoints for concert flutes. For prices kindly contact Martin Doyle.
More information can be viewed here: FAQ: Adjustable Screw Corks For Headjoints »

Wooden Cases For Keyed Flutes

Wooden cases are standard with Martin Doyle's keyed flutes and cost an additional € 105.00 (inc VAT).

Left-handed Keyed Flutes

Martin Doyle does make left-handed keyed flutes for those requiring them and the cost is the same as the right-handed models. Most recently, Martin made left-handed keyed flutes for Barry Conaty and Garry Shannon in 2012, and for Brian Morgan in 2013. (View testimonials from Garry Shannon and Barry Conaty.)

Keyed Flutes Images

  • A Martin Doyle nine key flute made from cocus wood with a tuning slide. (Unfortunately cocus wood is no longer available.)
  • Mounting block and key-work detail on the Martin Doyle nine key flute.
  • Mounting block and key-work detail on the Martin Doyle nine key flute.
  • Two Martin Doyle keyed flutes (three and six key) made from African blackwood.
  • A Martin Doyle left handed six key flute made from Brazilian Rosewood.
For further information, kindly contact Martin Doyle »