A compilation of comments from members of the Chiff & Fipple Flute Forum about Martin Doyle and his flutes. Chiff & Fipple is a website dedicated to the humble tin whistle and Irish traditional music.

For me it is a Doyle. Personal preference. Fits me for everything. [...] Cracker of a flute. Martin makes a fine tooter. [...]


Martin Doyle's flutes are great. My first flute was a Doyle and I still play it now and then. Would never sell it and even have keyes fitted on it as we speak. Grand instruments.


Just a word to say that Martin Doyle flutes are gorgeous! I tried out a keyless D flute there recently: it was very easy to play, perfectly in tune and a lovely piece of work. Soft tone, but powerful too. [...]


I just wanted to send out a little shout to say that I've recently bought a Martin Doyle, unkeyed, blackwood flute, without a tuning slide, and it is simply wonderful. I'm no stranger to good flutes, and this one is just lovely and wonderful and a pleasure to play in every respect. It's such a pleasure to play that it's really gotten me playing every day again and loving it. [...]


Doyle flutes are lovely things, the flute in my avatar is a Doyle in rosewood. They are becoming quite popular (I know at least 5 other people who play one) and that is for a good reason.


I had the chance to play a keyless (either rosewood or mopane – not sure which) Doyle that was on consignment in a store in St. Louis just last month, and it was a wonderful flute.


[...] I have owned Doyle flutes both with and without slides—I much prefer a flute with a slide were I to have just one flute. [...] Martin is a lovely, intelligent fellow and a great craftsman. [...] Martin is as yet an undiscovered treasure.


[...] Martin Doyle's flutes are lovely. Good value, good volume, play in tune, worth twice as much.


I've been playing the flute for a couple of years now and currently play a Doyle unkeyed. I'm reassured to hear that his flutes are regarded with admiration by such experienced players.


Great flutes... I played one in Salzburg and was very impressed.


I had one for years that I dearly loved. Terrific flute and terrific value (for the slideless celtic model). Mine wasn't the most powerfully projective flute I've played but the tone was outstanding!


[Martin Doyle flutes] are very good instruments, and in the right hands they can become deadly weapons... if you're into that sort of thing. [...]


A gent that comes to the local sometimes (and is also the organiser of the Friday Harbor Irish Music Camp) has a blackwood Doyle with tuning slide. I found it to be a pretty versatile flute: powerful if you push, gentle if you stroke it.