Music In The Family, Part 1

“We had music in the house…” It is an expression that one quite often hears when Irish musicians and singers recall the good fortune of having parents, relatives and friends who would play their instruments, sing their songs and tell their stories during informal gatherings and house sessions. This ‘living tradition’ has been the catalyst for a great many people into the joyful (and sometimes storm-tossed) river that is music and Martin Doyle’s family, upstream and down, is no exception. Martin’s three children, grown adults now, are all instrumentalists and singers. Martin himself recounts the influence of his parents and grand-parents in his own development as a musician and flute maker. So the gift of music often flows down through the generations and evolves as creative self-expression in those who are blessed to receive it.

In the case of the Martin’s daughter, Aoife Doyle, it is through the voice that the gift of music seems to have manifested itself most powerfully although it is worth noting that she is also an accomplished fiddler. This past August, Aiofe released her debut CD, This Time the Dream’s on Me, a jazz album backed by a four piece band which Journal of Music introduces with these succinct words:

This Time the Dream’s on Me - Aoife Doyle

This Time the Dream’s on Me

“We are delighted to announce the debut album launch of Aoife Doyle, one of the finest young singers working in Ireland. Aoife’s unique, expressive voice is equally at home with jazz, folk, country, bluegrass or blues, and her singing can evoke memories of the sophisticated, velvet tones of Ella Fitzgerald, the earthy, sweet lyricism of Patsy Cline or the straight‐up country clarity of Alison Krauss. This Time the Dream’s on Me will leave you in no doubt that you are in the presence of a major new voice and talent.”
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Having listened to This Time the Dream’s on Me, this humble scribe can only say, “Here, Here!” to the above comments. Aiofe’s voice has an air of freedom unbound by the strictures of convention or expectation – an uncluttered confidence and soulfulness that leaves the listener content. Nothing worthwhile can be accomplished in this world without hard work and singular effort even for those blessed with abundant talent. Aoife’s path to this recording has involved some many years of hard work and discipline and we congratulate her efforts and the result – and look forward to that which is to come in whatever form it takes.

Samples of Aiofe Doyle’s debut album can be heard here: This Time the Dream’s On Me »


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