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Thumbs Up!I am sure that it is always very encouraging for any craftsman to receive some positive feedback from his clients. After all, most instrument makers spend many hours of each week alone in their workshops labouring to create something that they hope will please the person they are making it for – and in the case of a musical instrument, those who listen to it being played. So when a happy client offers a positive comment, it is always very satisfying, encouraging and brings great joy to the recipient. Two such comments have recently been added to Martin Doyle’s website from happy clients in America.

Amanda Drinsinger — flute player from the USA

“I received the flute early last week. It sounds rich and beautiful and it is very beautiful and of excellent craftsmanship! I am extremely pleased with your work and I think you are the world’s best celtic flute craftsman! I have not played or seen in person any other instrument that matches the sound, beauty and quality put into this flute!”

Ruth Yates — flute player from Hollywood, Maryland, USA

“Hi Martin. I just wanted to tell you that the rosewood flute I purchased from you in October [2009] is so lovely. I found it very easy to play and the tone is so mellow and nice. Don and I really liked coming to your home and seeing your workshop and picking up the flute. It was such a genuinely good experience meeting you and seeing how the instruments come together. Regards, Ruth Yates.”

More comments from flute players all over the world can be viewed here: Testimonials »

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2 thoughts on “New Testimonials Received

  1. James Sheehan

    Nice testimonials! I followed the link to his testimonials page as well and it gets better. Was Googling himself and found this on a saxophone forum:

    “If anybody is looking to take up the keyless Irish flute I would recommend they look at Irishman Martin Doyle’s flutes. I’ve been playing his blackwood celtic flute for 6 months and it’s a keeper. The head is so easy to play and centre and the tone is thick and warm with a nice reedy edge when required and a solid low D. I’ve owned several before this but always had niggles. I’m considering getting one of his wooden heads for my Muramatsu I’m so taken with his work.”

    Fair play to you Martin! Will be looking you up for a flute as soon as have put away some cash. What is your waiting time for a D flute?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi James,
      A basic D flute is three to four weeks wait time generally.
      Thanks so much for letting us know about the comment – always appreciate the feedback and encouragement.


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